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Feb 5, 2013 5:00pm PST
in crude oil, refineries, and low inventory on the east coast. however, energy analysts saying that none of this, none of this, and none of this, adds up to a 20ยข spike in one week. >> this is the month of february. going on vacation. sometimes they use the month of february to fix things. typically, because nothing happens. at the price of oil has gone up but not enough to explain this gasoline price. the bottom line is that we have a lot more gasoline this year and last year. the price should be lower, not higher. >> pam: if that is true and are we perhaps getting price gouge? >> reporter: it could be market manipulation it could be legal, illegal. >> pam: what can we do? >> reporter: not a lot right now people are tracking mess. the senators on the east coast, washington, calif., tracking this. they have been calling this for months and nothing has happened. >> pam: here's a look at how much drivers are paying on average for a gallon of gas in the bay area right now. in san francisco, 3-93 -- in oakland, 3-86 -- and in san jose, an average of 3- 87. again, that's up more than 20 cent
Feb 4, 2013 5:00pm PST
unfinished. new orleans energy company, entergy, and managers of the superdome say there was an abnormality in the electrical load system but do not yet know the root of the problem. one possible cause has been ruled out. beyonce's blockbuster half- time performance did not trigger the outage. as the n-f-l packs up and bids farewell to the big easy.the commissioner made it clear, the blackout did not leave a black mark on new orlean's chances of hosting a future super bowl. >> i fully expect we'll be back here for super bowls. >> reporter: the mayor of new orleans calls the power outage an unfortunate incident-- but says the super bowl isn't over until the last visitor leaves town. so the focus is on continuing to show everyone a good time. this isnt the first time a blackout happened during a football game. and it certainly is not the first for the niners. they had a power outage during a monday night football game at candlestick back in december 2011. not once, but twice. >> pam: the 49ers won't be at the aging candlestick park much longer. right now -- construction on the teams new stadi
Feb 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
for an explosive deviceafter an early morning threat was called in from the joint bio energy institutea research arm of lawrence berkeley on 59th street and hollis in emeryville "it was credible enough for us obviously for us to take it serious and search the building and make sure everyone was safe" 8-uc police bomb sniffing canine units were on the scene evacuating the building before the bomb search began went smoothlyit being 7am when the threat came in most of the employees were not schedule to be at workfor those employees who did show up they found emeryville police set up a perimeterblocking access to >> "i was coming in and i noticed this was all blocked off with police and everything" after several hours of searching for explosive device, the all clear was given and all the voices were devices werewfound. >> reporter: a home in the berkeley hills suffered major damage. when it caught fire late this morning. declared it a two alarm blaze. and dispatched as many as five engines to avenue. a dense residential >> this fire is difficult up here in the hills, you can see the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3